1. In the spirit of Sisterhood and Islamic principles, the following acts will not be tolerated and will result in ejection from the game:

    • Profane or abusive language (in any language)

    • Visible displays of temper, such as throwing a bat

    • Intentional and violent collision with an opposing player

  2. Any player ejected from two games will be ejected from the league.

  3. Only the captains may discuss a disputed call with an umpire. Balls and strikes, as well as judgment calls, may not be disputed.

  4. Fighting will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic ejection from the game/league.

  5. For rules not specifically stated, the Slo-Pitch National rules shall apply and will be interpreted by the umpire.


  1. Dimensions of the diamond will be as governed by SPN. Pitching distance will be between 50 feet and 55 feet for Pod 1, and 45 feet and 50 feet for Pod 2.

  2. A commit line of 28 feet will be added. Players crossing the commit line MUST proceed to home plate.

  3. Bases will be 65′ apart.

  4. A mercy of 5 runs per inning will be in effect for the first 6 innings of the game. The 7th or last (as declared by the umpire) inning will be an open inning, where there will be no limit on number of runs.

  5. Unless otherwise stated, the home team will be the team listed first in the schedule and will be the defensive team at the start of each inning.

  6. The umpire will announce the start time of the game and only her time will be used to determine the end time of the game.

  7. No new inning shall start after one hour and fifteen minutes.

  8. The umpire is the ultimate authority on the field.

  9. Players must play in 6 games of the season to be eligible to play in the play-offs.


  1. SSL highly recommends protective equipment for softball. This includes, but is not limited to, batting helmets, facemasks, shin guards, chest protectors (please note: the use of any form of protective equipment is at the individual participant’s discretion unless the league/tournament the participant chose to play in has made certain protective equipment mandatory within their guidelines and or rules).

  2. No metal cleats are allowed.

  3. Batting gloves must be used by all players in compliance with SPN Return To Play Guidelines


  1. No stealing is allowed.

  2. There is no relaxed/anticipation step allowed. A base runner may only leave the base once the batter hits the ball.

  3. Softball fields that have a safety bag at first base require the runner to touch only the safety bag (orange bag) on any potential play at first. The fielder must touch the inside bag (white bag).

  4. Once crossed the commit line, the base runner MUST run past home plate. Failure to do so will result in an automatic out (commit Line – line between third base and home plate).

  5. Base runner running to home plate MUST NOT touch the home plate. If the base runner touches the home plate, she will be called out.

  6. Tagging up by a runner to advance after a fly out is permitted on all bases.

  7. Sliding is permitted except at home plate.

  8. Each team is permitted a maximum of three (3) courtesy runners per game from anywhere in the batting order.

  9. Injured player courtesy runners - before the start of the game, each team may declare courtesy runners for up to three (3) batters who are injured. The declared batters may only go to first base on a batted ball, with the exception of a home run outside the park’s fences. The courtesy runner must be the last out in the batting order.

  10. When a ball is thrown out of the playing area, each base runner is awarded one base.


  1. A minimum of 7 players is required to start a game, and a minimum of 8 players to continue the game past the 10-minute grace period from listed start time.

  2. If a team does not have a minimum of 8 players after the 10 minute grace period from listed start time, the offending team will forfeit.

  3. A team having 7 or 8 players may request a NON-fielding catcher from their opponent. The opponent MUST provide this player.

  4. Late arriving players can be added to the lineup at any time in the game upon their arrival. They will assume the last position in the batting lineup.

  5. In the event that a sub player is removed completely from a team due to injury, the league will attempt to replace that sub player to the best of their ability. However, this does not guarantee the team to a fair replacement, in skill, position, or value to the team.


  1. A pitch must be thrown between 6 feet to 12 feet high. Failure to do so will result in an illegal pitch.

  2. An illegal pitch is a live ball that can be hit or swung at. When not swung at, the pitch will be automatically called a ball, regardless of where it lands.

  3. A strike is a ball that either lands legally on home plate or the strike mat, offered at by the batter, or is fouled off.


  1. Players must play in 6 games of the season to be eligible to play in the play-offs.

  1. A forfeit will be ruled as a 5-0 loss (equivalent to a mercy).

  2. Wins will be 2 points, Ties will be 1 point, and Losses are 0 points.

  3. A complete game is the completion of 4 innings (3.5 with the home team ahead)

  4. Complete game is 4 innings - all games will be deemed as complete after 4 full innings of play. Whichever team leads at the end of the inning will be proclaimed the winner. If the score is tied, then both teams will receive a point. An inning is complete when the home team (team batting second) has completed all 3 outs. If the game is called off before the 7th inning is complete, then the score after the 6th inning will be used to determine the winner.

  5. Rainouts - any games cancelled or stopped due to weather conditions will be deemed as a tie, unless 4.5 innings have been completed. An inning is complete when the home team is up to plate. If the game is called off before the 7th inning is complete, then the score after the 6th inning will be used to determine the winner.

  6. The umpire based on her clock/judgment will call a game complete after 90 minutes irrespective of whether the inning is complete. The last completed inning will be used as the final score.